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1,5l plastic bottles of large Flek190,- CZK
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The Restaurant become certificate during the "CZECH SPECIALS" awards for the year 2011 - 2014

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You might want to know…

Our lager known as Flekovský tmavý ležák 13% is made from water, hop and four kinds of barley malt with the help of brewing yeast.

Vítejte v pivnici a restauraci U Fleků
Pivovar All ingredients are Czech Made. Neither preservatives nor artificial colours are used in production. This beer tastes great and our restaurant is the only place to get it. Some 2,000 beers are consumed in our restaurant every day. Our prominent guests include Czech and foreign celebrities, athletes or businesspersons. Our unique features include two historical cannon balls in the supporting wall, remnants of the Thirty Years’ War. Our brewery team members have represented us at the European Barrel Rolling Championships several times since 2003. This event is hosted by the brewery in Chodová Planá. So far they had nothing but success. This year we can all celebrate the 510th anniversary together.