Restaurant and Brewery U Fleků is one of the oldest, largest and most famous brewery and not only in Prague, but also in the whole of Bohemia. We are a place of pilgrimage for beer drinkers and a favorite place for all fans of traditional czech cuisine.


Cold entrées
Liver sausage with vinegar and onion150 g Liver sausage with vinegar and onion, bread149 CZK
Beer cheese100 g Beer cheese, butter, onion, toasts149 CZK
Pork crackling spread100 g Pork crackling spread, bread149 CZK
Pickled Hermelín cheese1 pcs Pickled Hermelín (cheese with white mould), bread149 CZK
Prague ham100 g Prague ham with butter and pickled cucumber, bread209 CZK
Smoked pork neck - cold starter100 g Smoked pork neck with horseradish and pickled cucumber, bread209 CZK
Cheese plate100 g Cheese plate, bread209 CZK
Potato soup0,25 l "U Fleků" potato soup89 CZK
0,25 l According to the daily offer89 CZK
Hot starters
Smoked pork neck - hot starter100 g Smoked pork neck with horseradish and mustard, bread209 CZK
Cabbage salad200 g Cabbage salad119 CZK
Mixed salad with balkan cheese200 g Mixed salad with Balkan cheese (tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, Balkan cheese)149 CZK
Greek salad300 g Greek salad (tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, cheese, oregano, vinegar, olive oil)199 CZK
Confit duck leg1 pc Confit duck leg, potato dumplings, red cabbage359 CZK
Turkey ´´sous vide´´ steak150 g Turkey ,,sous vide´´, grilled vegetables with mushrooms, mashed potatoes309 CZK
Main dishes
Beef goulash U Fleků150 g Goulash "U Fleků", speck dumplings, bread dumplings289 CZK
Beef in cream150 g Beef in cream, bread dumplings289 CZK
´´Moravian sparrow´´ - pork pieces150 g ´´Moravian sparrow´´ (pork pieces), sauerkraut, bread dumplings289 CZK
Smoked pork neck150 g Smoked pork neck, red cabbage, bread dumplings, speck dumplings289 CZK
Fleck´s treatFleck´s treat (1/4 roast duck, 100 g pork neck, 50 g sausage), white and red cabbage,
bread dumplings, potato dumplings
399 CZK
Roast pork knuckle600 g Roasted pork knuckle with vegetable garnish, bread359 CZK
Pork schnitzel150 g Pork schnitzel, mashed potatoes, lemon289 CZK
Roasted sausage200 g Roasted sausage, mustard, horseradish, ketchup, bread229 CZK
Roasted pork ribs600 g Roasted pork ribs, vegetable garnish, BBQ sauce, bread359 CZK
Apple strudel1 pc Apple strudel89 CZK
Delicate cheesecake1 pc Delicate cheesecake89 CZK
Ice cream cupIce cream cup (ice cream, fruits, cream, chocolate glazing)109 CZK
For vegetarians
Vegetarian plate300 g Vegetarian plate (cheese halloumi, grilled vegetable, mashed potatoe)279 CZK
Fried breaded cheese150 g Fried breaded cheese, french fries, tartar sauce259 CZK
Side dishes
140 g Bread dumplings59 CZK
200 g Potato dumplings59 CZK
200 g Speck dumplings59 CZK
200 g Mashed potatoes59 CZK
200 g French fries99 CZK
150 g Red cabbage59 CZK
150 g White cabbage59 CZK
1 serving Ketchup 49 CZK
1 serving Tartar sauce49 CZK
2 pcs Bread10 CZK
3 pcs Toasts59 CZK